What is Gutenberg?

With the changing times and the increase in bloggers on the internet today, there is great need for bloggers to differentiate their blogs and overall content. For this reason, the use of various blogging tools and editors is a highly important need. To make your website or blog stand out, you need to be able to create content that is visually appealing and attractive towards your audience. Effectively using blog and website editors will increase your chance of making your pages more audience oriented and engaging in the long run.

Gutenberg is an editor released by the WordPress platform. With the installation of WordPress 5.0, you can gain immediate access to this editor for your own ease. It is much more advanced than the previous editor with the introduction of so many new tools. Gutenberg editor is a stand-alone plugin of WordPress. It is a great way to create new content on the WordPress application. However, in doing this, it will bring a difference to the way you previously used to create posts or pages on your website through its remarkable features. Through this WordPress editor, you can design your content in a much more concise and easier manner through the website and page builder tools.

How is Gutenberg helpful?

Gutenberg is a WordPress tool that makes the lives of bloggers and website owners much easier. This is especially for those who need to constantly update their web pages and make changes for the better.

The tools adopted by this platform are in line with the latest technologies. It is not only a content builder but also an editor, which shows that it is an all-in-one tool for extreme user convenience. They incorporate various needs of web owners that previously were difficult to be met. Gutenberg allows for ease in adjustment and incorporation of plug-ins and HTML on your website without any hassle. Not only so, but the website becomes easily responsive with the changes you create. It is a time saving tool for all those individuals who are looking to increase traffic on their website but don’t have a great time to put in much effort. All the needed tools have been brought under a single platform to allow for changes to easily be made through the editor.

How Does Gutenberg Work?

The Gutenberg editor has a means to make content creation much easier. The user interface adopted by this block editor is extremely different from that used by the WordPress classic editor. Content creation has been made so much more simpler. For this reason, the various forms of content have been divided into subcategories. These sub-categories are known as ‘blocks’. There are tools that help you choose the correct block as per the need of your content. There are virtual blocks present for every sort of content.

The appearance of the Gutenberg editor is in the form of a webpage. In this way, you can easily view how you will make changes to content and how those changes will end up appearing. In this way, you can simply select a block and format it in the way you find it to look more appealing. You can add cover images, images, text in a paragraph, text in the form of a heading, lists, HTML, tables, quotes and even audio.

The Gutenberg editor by WordPress allows for an extremely dynamic and comprehensive way to build web pages. This is through the flexibility offered by the platform. You are in complete control of the editing you wish to carry out. Be it a post or a page, you are the master behind the visuals.

The platform functions in a way to provide complete functionality to its users with various smart techniques incorporated in the new editor interface. These tools allow for the increasing efficiency of the users. There are various keyboard shortcuts which can be used in the editor to allow for even easier editing to be carried out. There are also certain short codes you can use to easily switch through the blocks you are using.

You can view your visuals and also switch towards the code editor, whenever you feel the need to. The editor is highly flexible in this matter. It allows for numerous view options that help users navigate according to their own preference. Also, if you wish to use the classic editor at any point in time, the Gutenberg editor allows for an option to switch between both editors whenever you feel the need to. This allows further suppleness for users.


Gutenberg is a great tool for people who are looking to easily edit their own website’s content. It is a very simple to understand tool. All you need to do is try it out a few times so you can get the hang of it. There are various ways to edit your content and these will only be known to you once you play around with the editor. If you are looking to get first-hand experience on the Gutenberg editor without installing it, simply download its demo. However, if you are looking to gain complete access to the editor, it would be best to download WordPress 5.0 from the WordPress website and gain access to the Gutenberg editor too.

As it can be seen from the points mentioned above, the WordPress Gutenberg editor is no joke. It is a highly remarkable tool that has made the lives of bloggers and web-designers so much more easier. The tools it offers are highly compatible with websites and webpages and allow for easy customization. Content that you create through this editor will be genuine and attractive. It is a sure way to increase traffic towards your website and blog. The more ways you adopt to differentiate the aesthetics of your comment, the more your seriousness and effort towards the website shows. Simple and easy to use tools in the Gutenberg editor can help you out in this. Be sure to try out this WordPress editor today!